I’m Looking Through You – a 1965 Beatles song credited to Paul.

John’s recollections were correct, as Paul explains: “As is one’s wont, in relationships, you will, from time to time, argue or not see eye to eye on things and a couple of the songs around this period were that kind of thing. This one I remember particularly as me being disillusioned over her commitment.” Jane Asher, whom he had been living with, at her family home at 57 Wimpole Street, in London since November of 1963, was intent on furthering her acting career, which meant spending a good amount of time away from home in Bristol.

Assuming that Jane’s real intent was to be away from him, Paul continues: “She went down to the Bristol Old Vic quite a lot around this time. Suffice it to say that this (song) was probably related to that romantic episode and I was seeing through her façade and realizing that it wasn’t quite all that it seemed. I would write it out in a song and then I’d got rid of the emotion. I don’t hold grudges so that gets rid of that little bit of emotional baggage. I remember specifically this one being about that – getting rid of some emotional baggage. ‘I’m looking through you, and you’re not there!’”

Paul confided to Beatles biographer Hunter Davies that arguments between Jane and him may have led to her leaving for Bristol at that time in 1965. Knowing that he was always surrounded by woman who would die to be with him, he admitted, “I knew I was selfish. It caused a few rows. Jane went off and I said, ‘OK then. Leave. I’ll find someone else.’ It was shattering to be without her. That was when I wrote ‘I’m Looking Through You.” In his book, “Many Years From Now,” Paul recalls writing the song “after an argument with Jane. There were a few of those moments.”

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